Esprit manager becomes  

Manager Improvement by My Experiences

The platform for reflection on your experiences and managerial challenges.

Learn how to develop your leadership by individual and collaborative managerial courses.

Knowing yourself as a manager, knowing what skills to develop and learning how to report on your managerial experiences and challenges in a structured way will be the keys to your development.

Simple à mettre en œuvre et prenant en compte le rythme d’apprentissage de chacun, nous aidons à passer de la formation à la transformation, en complément de tous vos programmes de formation déjà existants.

Based on the reflections of Henry Mintzberg (1) and the importance of knowing how to learn from experience or the CCL (Center For Creative Leadership): Managerial skills are acquired through experience (70%).

1 Managers, not MBAs Ed : Berrett-Koehler Publishers

In the recent news,  the article in and the approach of Jeff Bezos dans in the importance of knowing how to write  (rule of writing ) to structure reflection.

References : Essilor, Hutchinson, Nexans, Chryso

Managers' reviews

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portrait pascal pelissier

Pascal Pelissier

Associate director

Founder of "Esprit Manager". Long experience of operational general management in service companies, and confronted with the leadership development of proximity managers. 

Doctorate in management (Paris Dauphine), MBA from INSEAD, professional mediator

portrait frederick tobin

Frederick Tobin

Frederick has extensive experience in executive coaching and organizational development for companies (Bombardier Aerospace, Desjardins, MDA Corporation) and in increasing employee engagement. Recognized expertise in communication and interpersonal skills. Based in Montreal.

MBA, Université McGill, Montréal – Certified Coach

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